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Max was very, very helpful and knowledgeable. He is courteous and encouraging in his expertise. Call him first for tech advice
— Bob B.

Max is a pretty cool guy calls himself a techno geek Loved it. Max came prepared with info about my set up a big plus in my book I consider myself average to above and actually learned a thing or two from Max I would recommend Max very highly and would use him again.
— Dale F.

My Home Theater Systems have never worked so well!!
Max was great! He was able to meet my scheduling needs, was punctual and professional. His experience was greatly appreciated, since I have 3 systems that are quite old and he was able to quickly diagnose the problems and provided us with instructions for ease of use. He even said “give me a call if you run into any issues,” and he would trouble shoot on the phone! I would highly recommend Max, he is the best!!
— Hollie H.

I could not have been happier with Max from MaxTech Audio. He contacted me right away and when I told him I had no idea what I wanted or needed he helped me figure out a good system for my situation. He told me where to purchase it for the best deals (he got no kickback from this!) He was professional, on time and the work was perfect. He made sure I knew how to work everything before he left and has answered several questions afterward that I had. All I can say is awesome from start to finish!!
— Karen H.

I contacted Max to install the system in our home theater room, and I’m glad I did. I have some background in the industry, selling and installing high end systems from 1986 to 1995. I soon realized that much has changed since then and I needed professional help. We had some preliminary discussions about the room and equipment and set up an appointment. Max and his helper arrived on time and after a brief discussion they got right to work. Since I had been in the industry before I developed a good bond with them and it was great to see the system come together. Max even recommended changing the location of the subwoofers to solve a problem in a way that I didn’t even think of. The system is fairly complex with Dolby Atmos and 11 speakers plus 2 subwoofers. Amplification is 11 x 150 watts plus 2 subwoofers with 400 watts of clean power each.

I should mention some things Max told be about that I hadn’t thought of, which really added value to hiring him. Apple TV, Apple Music, Harmony Ultimate Home Universal Remote, and hooking up my turntable so I could play my vinyl collection.
I would especially recommend that everyone have Max program the remote. Now everyone in the home can use the entire system. We used to have half a dozen remotes all over the place and now one remote does it all!

The system installation required cutting into the walls and ceiling for speakers and wiring, as well as wall mounting the 70 inch TV. They kept the home clean with drop cloths for the dust, utilizing their small vacuum as they worked. There are no visible wires as they are all neatly bundled and hidden. They set up a microphone in the room in various locations to accurately set the sound levels for every speaker to achieve the best sound for my specific room. The final product is much better than we expected, producing chill bumps and as Max played his demo test discs we were both amazed.
Within a month I called Max to clean up our downstairs system and add the universal remote to that room plus more speakers for the pool area and dining room. We are very pleased with all of his work.
— David Keith

When we moved to Naples, Fl, one of the most important parts of the design of the home was the installation of the audio system. My background as an electrical engineer helped with designing the perfect system. I have a complicated multi-zone audiophile whole house system. Having the time to make it all come together was the challenge. Max offered great service, reasonable pricing, and was always available (even at 8 at night) to answer questions and help make sure my system always sounds amazing! I would recommend Max to anyone!
— Andrew Rhodes

Second time I used Max. He recommended Harmony universal remote. Best investment I ever made. Even I can program it !! He’s a great help to anyone with any sophisticated audio/video equipment.
— Jack Mutzabaugh

I wish I would have had his knowledge years ago. He was well worth the money!!!!
— Russ Lenz

Max was on time and did all work as agreed . He was very good at what he did. I would recommend him to anyone.
— Jim McDivett

Max designed the entertainment system for my house. He worked to understand my wants, and recommended the equipment that would meet my needs including TV’s, the surround sound components, audio equipment etc. He took the time to explain the workings of the total system and was always available afterwards to answer any questions we had. Max is very knowledgeable, professional and a good guy to work with.
— Ken Hughes

Max definitely knows his stuff when it comes to getting the most out of your audio system. Whether it is a high end system or just a entry level sound system, Max will set it up so that it sounds as good as it could possibly sound. He will amaze you.
— Alan Shapiro

Solved all my problems quickly and did a great job. I have used his services for the past 2-3 years and he has always gone out of his way to help me.
— Sunny Dowling

We have had the pleasure of working with Max on numerous occasions and the service was always, prompt and you can tell that Max knew what he was doing/talking about. He also was helpful with recommendations, went out of his way to help or assist in finding products and the best prices. I am using Max whenever I have clients and the feedback from my customers was always over the top when they were dealing with him. Thank you for all you do.
— Vanessa Delgado

Max, you are the man. I called Max to get an estimate on setting up my new flat screen and surround sound system. As soon as he told me his price, I set up a appointment. Max showed up when he said he was going to be here and I soon found out he was a professional. After the installation, he walked me through everything that I needed to know to operate the system and also told me I could call with any questions I had in the future. We also talked about getting a remote that would control everything instead of using the four remotes that I had to use to control the different components. Two days later I purchased the remote that he suggested. Max returned (again exactly when he said he was going to be here) and not only programmed the functions that I expected but also programmed extra functions like Pandora and you tube into my remote. All I can say is that I would not hesitate to recommend Max to anyone needing professional help with any electronics.In fact when my son is ready, Max will be the one installing his system. Forget the geek squad, call Max. Thanks again Max
— Bill

Forget the rest, Max is the best!!! I’ve been trying to get my home theatre system up and running the correct way for 4 months. Then I found Max – Great guy, knows his business and all my problems were solved in an hour. Wow – I’m blown away – there really is knowledgeable,personable and professional help out there. Thanks, Max.
— Liz Leung

Not only did he resolve my confusing remote control problems, he did a tuneup on my home theater system that even blew my wife away…. He’s worth every penny and I would use him again.
— Jack Mutzabaugh

Max, thanks so much for your help..I thought I would have to buy a new TV. Fast, reliable and fair. So glad you come to Naples!
— Gayle Avero

Huge help in getting my complex system working correctly! I’m a former owner of an AV company and have a degree in Engineering Physics, so I’m not adverse to technology at all, but I knew there were install issues and multiple problems that I couldn’t isolate – and the installer wouldn’t/couldn’t resolve. Max came in to save the day and was a blast to work with We worked together (as I wanted to be involved) and could I not be happier. Still a bit of work to do to fine tune, but that I can now do on my own. Simply could not have gotten to this point without his help on identifying the problems and putting together work-arounds. Oh, and by the way, he responds to follow up questions promplty and thoroughly as well. Whether it is to solve equipment issues, balance and integrate a system, setting up the system for EASY use, or do the fine tuning to get the most out your audio video system, I’d wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Max Finally the system is performing as I knew it should, I get goosebumps!!
— Jeff Whitney

Absolutly the best!!! Not just fixes the problem shows you the best way to maximize your electronic experience! Troubleshooting is key… and he has it. Thanks Max, you really helped us out :) – Ben and Nicole
— Nicole Bair

Feb.24th 2012 Words alone cannot express the trust that I have for Max. I have been fairley successful at keeping one foot firmly planted in the 20th century.Well I have taken that leap and Max was there to give all the Technical advice I could use to maintaing and operateing,virtually every aspect of my household eletronics. The one thing I can`t say enough about Max is the fact that he is a man to be trusted.His integrity coupled with his expertise make Max my first reomendation,to associate as well as friends. I would highly recommend Max for any sort of software needs that may arise. Thanks again, Max
— Dan Finlay

Thank you, Max. You came to Punta Gorda on time and figured out both my systems and got them both working with a very good value for my money. I appreciate your quality workmanship. I have had many advanced systems over the last 35 years and you were the easiest to person to work with. Thank you I will be happy to reccommend you to my family and friends.
— Robert Kent

Excellent service.Reasonably price and worth every penny! Max knew how to simplify all the remotes and make it simple for me. Thanks! Rob Seibert
— Rob Seibert

Max set up my new Apple TV on my very old flat screen. He was very professional and knowledgeable and charged me a fair price. A year later when I was ready to drag my TV and sound system to the end of the driveway…Max saved the day. Thanks Max! Highly recommend!!!
— April Dennis

Thank you, Max! You really helped me get my home theater back to new again! We are very happy with your services. I would highly recommend you to my friends and family! Take care!
— Mark Blefari

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